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    Premimum Collection Keyrings

    Promotional keyrings make excellent giveaways on occasions and to show appreciation to loyal clients. They are reasonably priced, maybe ordered in bulk, and can be customized with the name and phone number of the company. In addition to other sorts of corporate promotional items, promotional keyrings are one of the most popular products. It is a good idea to choose keyrings that are both strong and functional, like a bottle opener or a small flashlight; the more distinctive the object is, the more likely it will be kept and used.

    Benefits of using keyrings as a marketing tool


    • High utility value: Keyrings have a high utility value for the recipients along with a significant individual and emotional prominence. A high-value keyring will have a better retention rate and keep any brand relevant amidst their target audience. Keyrings are an excellent way to promote any type of brand or business and to impress any type of audience, regardless of age or gender. Unlike conventional keyrings, which are simply designed to hold keys, modern-day combo keyrings include a variety of tools that anyone would find handy in their daily life. Businesses can choose from a variety of models that serve as multi-utility products such as bottle opener keyrings, multi-tool keyrings, and flashlight keyrings. Additionally, they are easier to customize with any brand and message making them efficient tools for communicating the brand message.


    • Exceptional emotional value: Businesses can create a tangible and pleasant relationship with their audience by giving out an appealing gift keyring.


    • As symbols of a company's identity: Keyrings can be utilized to demonstrate the personality and culture of any organisation in a subtle yet effective way. A house-shaped keyring, for example, is a terrific way to advertise realtors and home maintenance services, whereas sports-themed keyrings are a great way to promote sports-related businesses or sponsorship arrangements.


    • Accessible keyrings: It is essential to keep a promotional product close to hand. A keychain is an excellent way to make the cards more accessible in a quick and easy manner.

    What makes UrPrinters the best choice for customized products?

    UrPrinters is considered to be one of India's most reputable customized product marketplaces. They are regarded for having a large variety of cardholders at a reasonable price. Only authentic products are available on the online B2B marketplace that offers a no-hassle return policy. Additionally, they guarantee that orders will be delivered promptly. Brands may easily customize their designs on the website. The experts will take care of these particular requirements while assuring the highest possible quality.

    To sum up

    UrPrinters provides the best quality customized keyrings at affordable prices. Businesses should visit their portal if they wish to get the best keyrings for their brand promotion.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it possible to have bespoke keyrings printed on both sides?

    Our bespoke keyrings are printed on one side alone and have a white ink backing to guarantee that they are completely opaque. If it is printed on both sides then the writing will not be legible and will make no sense to the reader.

    Is it possible to order customized keyring templates?

    Yes! Here's where you can find our unique keyring templates. You can choose from the templates and then hand over your designs. There are various materials also to choose from like leather, acrylic and wood

    What is the thickness of your unique keyrings?

    Our bespoke keyrings are made of acrylic that is about 2.83mm thick. Alternatively, it is about the thickness of an iPhone charging wire. Our keyrings are of standard thickness keeping in mind the comfort of the user and durability of the product.

    Are your personalized keychains made of recyclable materials?

    Yes,all our keyrings are made out of recyclable materials. We are ethical and an eco friendly organization. While offering products we keep in mind that we should not be contributing to the landfill on the earth.

    What is the maximum amount of bespoke keyrings that may be ordered?

    We all know that ordering in bulk is cost-effective for you as well as us. The customized gifting items are generally ordered in bulk. When ordering bespoke keyrings, the minimum order quantity is 1,000 pieces.

    For personalized keychains, what are the bleed specifications required?

    We make sure that the maximum space utilization is done while printing our products. The custom keyrings cannot be printed in full bleed due to the nature of the material. A border size of 0.03125" is needed as a bare minimum.

    Is it possible to include internal cuts into personalized keychains?

    We have standard keyrings on which the printing is done. The materials available are leather, acrylic, and wood. To answer your question, we allow for one internal cut per keyring, with a minimum size of 0.25".

    What method do you use to attach your own keyrings to the keyring?

    Our custom keyrings are each equipped with a transparent snap clasp, allowing you to effortlessly switch out the designs of your own keyrings on the keyring.

    In the case of bespoke keyrings, what is the minimum order quantity?

    We all know that ordering in bulk is cost-effective for you as well as us. The customized gifting items are generally ordered in bulk. The minimum order quantity for personalized keychains is 1000.

    What options are there for bespoke keyrings in terms of sizes and shapes?

    Our keyrings are generally rectangular and oval in shape, though cutting to any form is possible. The sizes are standard keeping in mind the comfort of the user. Very large or very small keyrings might get uncomfortable.

    In terms of bespoke keyrings, what are the minimum and maximum sizes?

    Our bespoke keyrings may be made in sizes ranging from 0.75 inches by 0.75 inches up to 4 inches by 4 inches. We make sure that the sizes are standard, neither too large nor too small making it more comfortable to use.

    Is there a protective film or laminate on the unique keyrings?

    Yes, a clear protective film is applied to the front of each personalized keyring to keep it from getting scratched. The back of the keyring has a coating of matte varnish to help preserve the keyring from wear and tear.

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