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    Corrugated Boxes at Lowest Price in Bulk

    Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequent lockdowns, customers are now dependent on online purchasing to meet their daily needs. Thus, there is a growing demand for packaging products such as corrugated boxes to ensure safe shipment of the deliveries.

    Most businesses are therefore scouting for trustworthy wholesalers of high-quality corrugated boxes or Corrugated Boxes. caters to these requirements, bringing industry expertise and excellent service.

    As a result, offers a diverse variety of Corrugated Boxes that cater to the requirements of different businesses.

    Benefits of Corrugated Boxes


    • Light Weight: Owing to their lightweight, Corrugated Boxes can be easily carried, shipped and transported. This benefits businesses that deal with heavyweight products as the weight of the cartons minimally contribute to the total weight.


    • Strong: Despite their lightweight, Corrugated Boxes are extremely stiff and strong, thus making them durable. They do not tear easily and have good tensile strength, making them the appropriate choice for long-distance shipping.


    • Malleability: This improves the ability of the boxes to be hammered and reshaped easily as per the requirement. Moreover, these boxes can be easily custom printed as per the brands.

    Box Types

    There are several various box types based on the requirements. The Boxes can be based on various locking options such as Self Locking, Pasted Lock Bottom, Auto Lock Bottom. The boxes can also be based on number of plies such 3ply and 5ply (Single wall or Double wall) are most commonly used. It is also available in 7 ply option generally for packaging fragile or heavy materials. This determine the strength of the box also varying by the usage.

    Uses of Corrugated Boxes

    There are variety of corrugated boxes. Smaller boxes are predominantly used in e-commerce while larger size boxes are used by factories to either send bulk items. Similarly, various product companies use corrugated boxes are primary packaging over the consumer products.

    Benefits of buying from UrPrinters


    • Best Rates: UrPrinters dedicated tea ensures that we have the best rates in the given region without compromising on the quality


    • Quality Guaranteed: All the products sold via goes through a thorough quality check. At each step we assure our customers peace of mind.


    • Anywhere in India: We have a national scale reach ensuring that if your corporate office gives the order, we can maintain the same brand quality of the boxes and printing across India.

    Purchasing Corrugated Boxes Online

    UrPrinters is recognized as one of the most reliable marketplaces of Corrugated Boxes in India. They maintain a reputation of providing a diverse variety of Corrugated Boxes at an affordable price.

    Moreover, these Corrugated Boxes can be custom printed as per the requirements of the brands, thus helping them to grow their image. Packing businesses can choose from a variety of size options and capacities that are available on the website.

    All products sold by are 100% original and come with an easy return policy. Additionally, guarantees swift delivery of the orders.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    From which materials are cardboard boxes made?

    Boxes made of corrugated cardboard are known as corrugate. These corrugated boxes are paper based. This paper is often made with a significant part of the recycled substance, such as old cardboard or other sources of secondhand paper. Thus its a very environmentally friendly option

    Can corrugated boxes be recycled?

    Yes, you can recycle your corrugated boxes as cardboard is a recyclable material. All businesses send these boxes for recycling. This saves a lot of money on their waste disposal. Recycling of cardboard also helps in keeping the environment clean and safe.

    How are corrugated boxes used?

    Corrugated boxes can be used in storing and transporting items. They are demanded in various industries such as food & beverage industry, stationary, ecommerce, textile, electronics, health care, automotives etc. in short it is required by all types of industries.

    What are corrugated boxes?

    It refers to the boxes that have rows of small air filled grooves that run through the length of the material. Corrugated boxes have three layers of brown kraft paper and they are made from paperboard. These boxes are stiff and strong but very light in weight.

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