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    Medical experts recommend that frontline workers take an extra layer of precaution when they are on the field. This is an efficient manner to reduce the risks of coming in direct contact with possible carriers of the novel coronavirus.

    Most businesses involved in these fields are keen on ensuring the absolute safety and hygiene of their employees by investing in quality face shields. Thus, they turn to online wholesalers such as UrPrinters that sell the best quality safety and hygiene products at an affordable wholesale price in India.

    The Utility of Face Shields

    Face shields provide an extra layer of protection against coming in contact with infectious airborne particles and potential carriers of germs and bacteria. They are effective in preventing cross-contamination, especially in high-risk prone areas.

    Most face shields come with an adjustable elastic that ensure a secure, yet comfortable fit. They provide 180o protection that is essential for all frontline workers. In some cases, this shield is moveable for better functionality. Ergonomically designed, these face shields are reusable and can be used multiple times after properly sanitizing them.

    Benefits of buying from UrPrinters


    • Best Rates: UrPrinters dedicated team ensures that they have the best rates in the given region without compromising on the quality


    • Quality Guaranteed: All the products sold via UrPrinters goes through a thorough quality check. At each step, the team ensures that the best interests of the customers are met.


    • Anywhere in India: UrPrinters has a national scale reach ensuring that if the corporate office gives the order, then the same brand quality of all face shields can be maintained across India.

    Purchasing Face Shields in India

    UrPrinters is recognized as one of the most reliable marketplaces of reusable face shields with goggles in India. These can serve as an additional layer of protection against contracting the novel coronavirus pandemic. Hence, it is an important purchase for all businesses that constitute of frontline workers.

    All products sold by are 100% original and come with an easy return policy. Additionally, UrPrinters guarantees swift delivery of the orders

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best way to tell whether my face shield is properly positioned?

    In order to be comfortable, the forehead band should be roughly 1/2 - 1 inch above the eyebrows, and the bottom of the shield should be somewhat below chin level. If one wears the shield this way then maximum protection is guaranteed.

    What is the best place to keep my face shield?

    In the event that your unit or department has a designated location for storing your face shield, you are allowed to leave it at work. Alternatively, if there isn't a convenient location to keep your shield on-site, we suggest storing it wrapped in a plastic bag in your vehicle or at home. The shield should not be folded while storing else it will lose shape and will be uncomfortable to wear.

    What kind of cleaning solution should I use on my face shield?

    Face shields can be either cleaned with a disinfectant wipe or with a spray. If the dirt is very visible then it should first be cleaned with soap water and then with a disinfectant. Visibly dirty surfaces cannot be just sanitized, they need to be washed first.

    When should I clean the face shield?

    When working in direct contact with patients, your shield should be cleaned immediately after it is removed. When working in a non-patient care area, your shield should be cleaned on a daily basis. If your shield becomes dirty, thoroughly clean it with soap and water before disinfecting it.

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