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    Food Delivery Bags

    Food delivery bags are widely used by delivery agents engaged in delivering food across the city. These are designed to keep hot things hot and cold things cold, inshort they are insulated bags that maintain the temperature of food. This bag has two separate fibre reinforced compartments, and there is a top opening and one front opening. The bag comes with a waterproof rain cover, because most of these bags are carried on motor bikes and have the risk of getting wet during rains. Since these are made to carry food, the manufacturing should be perfect to ensure food safety. UrPrinters is offering best quality food delivery bags that can be customized with the logo of the company

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do food delivery bags keep food hot and for how long?

    Yes. Food delivery bags have a thermal insulated interior that keeps food hot for hours. However, these bags can not keep the food items hot for too long. Denser foods that have more heat energy stay warm for long hours. But other light food items can maintain their temperature till around 2 to 3 hours.

    What are hot food delivery bags made of?

    Delivery bags are made of a material called thermoplastic polymer, polyvinyl chloride. It is a very durable and cost effective material for food bags. It is available in two forms: soft and hard. The soft form of PVC is commonly used for making delivery bags as it is extremely flexible and easy to carry on motorbikes

    Are food delivery bags washable?

    Yes. They can be wiped with a soft wet cloth. There is no need to put them in a washing machine or use a scrubber. Cleaning the bag with a wet cloth and soap is enough. It is advised to not put the bags in direct sunlight.

    How to disinfect a food delivery bag?

    To disinfect the bag, it is advisable to spray them with disinfectant spray. Washing and drying, again and again, might spoil the internal layers. Though we make sure that the bags are made using the optimum quality raw material to ensure durability.

    What are the advantages of food delivery bags?

    The following are some important advantages of these bags:


    • It Increases customer satisfaction as it delivered food hot


    • Helps in improving the brand awareness


    • Are reliable and sturdy


    • It has separate pockets to store both hot and cold food items


    • It prevents food spillage

    How much does food delivery bags cost?

    The food delivery bag cost is not too much, they are very cost effective. We provide delivery bags in bulk orders in packs of 50 or 100. Our rates are competitive and moreover, we can also custom print the bags with logos and contact details of the brand.

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