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    Headcover Cap

    Headcover caps are perfect for preventing hair from falling off the head or scalp of surgical employees and polluting the surroundings with germs that pose a possible hygiene danger to sterilized areas.

    Surgical Cap

    Surgical caps are used to avoid contamination of the operating field by bacteria that originate in the hair or scalps of the surgical team members and other staff. Non-sterile surgical scrub caps not only protect the patient but also prevent other members of the operating team from being contaminated by potentially contagious substances.

    Disposal Head Cover Cap

    Disposable caps suitable for use in public places such as electronic manufacturing, restaurants, food processing, schools, hospitals, medication manufacturers, factories, cleaning, and so on. The Disposable cover cap is ideal for those who just need it once and then throw it away.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are headcover caps made from?

    The disposable surgical caps are made of breathable polypropylene. It is non woven material that is easily wearable and disposable. Our caps are meant to be worn for longer hours without causing any sort of irritation.

    What are headcover caps?

    A bouffant headcover cap is a loose head cap which is puffy in shape. It perfectly secures the head of the wearer with an elastic. It is mostly used to contain loose hair and other infections at sensitive places.

    What is the cost of a bouffant cap?

    Headcover caps come in very reasonable prices. You can buy these caps online from our website. At UrPrinters, you can find the caps at best and affordable prices. For more details about the product or price, please visit our website.

    Are bouffant caps water-resistant?

    Yes. These caps are water proof as well as very breathable in nature. They are made of polythene which is a fluid resistant material. You can bank on us for the most comfortable headcover caps.

    Can bouffant caps be reused?

    No, it is not advisable to reuse disposable caps as they get contaminated during direct patient care. Also, these caps are disposable in nature which means they have a use and throw policy. Hence they can not be reused.

    What is the purpose of headcover caps?

    Headcover caps should be worn to protect the wearer and people in close contact from bacteria and viruses. The purpose of wearing these caps is to cover all the hair, scalp and ears to minimize skin and hair shedding.

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