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    Customised Laptop Bags

    There are various types of laptop bags available in the market, some are sleek and thin while others are huge and bulky. These bags are used to carry your belongings that are supposed to be carried to work each day. Laptop bag is not supposed to carry only laptops, it has space allotted for numerous other things such as a notebook, charger, water bottle, bluetooth headphones, USBs and more. You can choose a bag for yourself keeping in mind your requirements. If you are a minimalist, you would love the sleek designs whereas if you are a kind of person who likes to carry his world with him then the spacious and bulky ones will suffice your needs. Other things to be kept in mind could be how convenient is the bag to carry, what's the weight of the bag, etc. Most importantly the laptop sleeve should be the size of the equipment that you use.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are laptop bags safe for laptops?

    Yes. Backpacks protect the laptops from any damage or scratches. They keep the laptops safe and you can easily carry the laptops anywhere. However, it is advised to not overstuff your bag. This can be harmful for the laptop inside the bag.

    What is the use of logo printed laptop bags?

    Laptop backpacks can be used to gift clients, customers, or employees. Corporates can print their company logo on the backpack and distribute them as gifts for promotions or at festivals. Laptop bags with logos are the best way to promote the company brand.

    How to select the design for customized laptop bags online?

    At UrPrinters you can upload your preferred design or logo. But make sure that the design you are uploading is clear enough, the fonts are big and the colors used are in contrast. In case you have a difficulty in deciding the design, then our designers can also help you choose. We have an extensive library design that you can choose from.

    What size backpack should one buy for his or her laptop?

    The capacity of backpacks is usually measured in liters. Backpacks come in different sizes and are meant for different purposes. For laptops, the suitable size of bags is around ten to sixteen liters. In this size of backpack, you can easily fit your laptop along with a few books or some stationery items.

    What are laptop bags made of?

    Laptop bags are usually made of leather or fabric with a waterproof lining. They keep the device protected from any scratches, water, bumps, or even dust. The bags are generally cushioned, thus offering an extra layer of safety.

    What are some of the customization tips for laptop bags?

    Putting your logo and catchphrase in the center of the bag is highly recommended. Keeping it basic works best. You can also add other artwork or designs to your bags that go with the theme of the company. Printed designs make the bags look more attractive.

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