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    Plastic courier bags are tamper-proof bags that are used to send parcels by post from one place to another. These are widely used by e-commerce companies. Our bags are available in various capacities and qualities. Clients can purchase these keeping in mind their usage. All our bags are waterproof in nature. There is a flap at the front where one can place the address card. The whole design is such that the bags are highly efficient. The Material of the bag is recyclable. The polybags have a hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive strip for easy and permanent closure, once sealed properly these bags cannot be opened and have to be torn.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a courier bag made of?

    Courier bags are made of polyethylene, which is a strong and durable material. The bag's material is resistant to ripping, tampering, puncturing, and dampness. It is also lightweight and has the capacity to hold a lot of stuff.

    Tamper-proof courier bags: What are they?

    These water and moisture-resistant plastic mailer envelopes are lightweight, sturdy, and durable. To keep it in place, it has a permanent sticky strip. Domestic and international courier and logistic organizations use it extensively for the safe transport of products and documents.

    What factors go into the sizing of a courier bag?

    While choosing the size one should keep in mind that the bag should be a size bigger than the product to be packed so that it is securely inside the bag. There should be sufficient extra space to fold and tape/seal the bags correctly. This will keep the product couriered safe throughout the transit.

    What is the courier bag called?

    Courier Bags are also called Mailing Satchels and Poly Mailers. It is the most cost-effective method of shipping your goods to their destination. You can easily purchase courier poly bags online.

    What is the use of courier plastic bags?

    A courier bag is used to transport items or papers from one location to another. LDPE/HDPE is an extremely soft, lightweight, water-resistant, and tamper-proof polymer that is often used in the production of this product.

    How does a courier bag safeguard the items it is carrying?

    It is made of Co-Extruded Polyethylene Film, which is black from inside and white from outside, with a flap that features a hot melt adhesive strip for quick and lasting sealing. The envelope must be broken or sliced open if it is to be opened after it has been sealed.

    What is the use of printed courier bags?

    In addition to being tamper-resistant, printed courier bags and envelopes may also be used for gift packing because of the graphics printed on them. Moreover, these could be printed with company logos to act as an efficient marketing tool.

    How can you customize your Courier bags to reflect your brand?

    It is crucial for a brand name to be remembered by people. Even when hundreds of companies make identical claims, customers will choose a name they are comfortable with over a name they are unfamiliar with. Advertising, internet marketing, packaging, word of mouth, etc. may all be used to build this brand memory in many ways. These courier bags can be printed with brand logos to create a brand identity.

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