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    Safety Shoes

    There are several workplace dangers that might be hazardous to employees' health and safety. A variety of job risks, particularly in the industrial or construction sectors, necessitate the use of a safety shoe in the workplace. Some job risks are slippery surfaces, hot objects, electricity. Sharp piercing edges and heavy falling objects can also cause injuries to workers.

    Heavy tools falling on the feet, electric wires, or a damp floor are all potential risks in the job. Safety shoes with the right Sole protect the feet from any harm caused by these hazards. Safety shoes are a type of protective gear. They are specifically designed to guard our feet from various workplace injuries. Safety shoes protect our feet and so they are also known as PPE i.e. Personal Protective Equipment.

    There are various types of safety shoes namely Metatarsal Safety Shoes, Steel Insole Safety Shoes, Metal Instep Safety Shoe and Gumboots

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you inspect safety shoes?

    Safety footwear should be comfortable, durable, and toe-protective. A worker's safety footwear must fulfill regulatory criteria and be utilized appropriately by all workers. One should always try before purchasing.

    How do I choose safety shoes?

    It's a good sign that the length is correct if your index finger can slip in there. Check out both pairs of safety shoes. At the ball of each foot, the shoes should flex. Do not buy shoes that flex at the arch, since this suggests that they don't provide sufficient support.

    Why are safety shoes necessary?

    Safety footwear is crucial to keep your feet safe and sound. In the workplace, steel-toe boots and shoes can protect your feet and lessen the degree of accidents because your foot is the most vulnerable part of your body when you are at work.

    Who is required to wear safety shoes?

    Standing for long periods makes it difficult for workers to handle dangerous or heavy goods. Consequently, they must wear safety footwear that provides correct support and posture while they are working. Apart from this the people working at factories and at construction sites have the danger of falling objects, or electric shocks or slippery floors, thus they must use safety shoes.

    How long can safety shoes last?

    Most safety shoe makers promise that their goods last at least a year. Real longevity depends on how often you wear it and where you work. Moreover, these shoes should be changed frequently to maintain their efficiency.

    How often should you change your safety shoes?

    Generally, they should be replaced every six months. It will last longer but the efficiency might decrease after a period of time. So it's a good idea to replace these shoes very often.

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