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Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Place a Brochure Order?

At it’s just a click away:

  • Click on category you need such as Brochure, Leaflet etc.
  • Enter the details of product you need- Material, GSM of paper, Finish you need embossing, UV coating etc.
  • Upload the Design
  • Choose the Printer of your choice and place the order*

What if I don’t have Brochure Designs?

We can take care of your designing needs. Our Designers can help you at a small fee to get your designs right. Whether you need a design from scratch or modifications to existing designs

  • Designer : Half an Hour: Rs 200
  • Designer: 1 Hour: Rs 300

Who are the Sellers/Printers?


The Printers signed up on our platform are curated by team. They are reputed service providers and at UrPrinters we have evaluated and rated them based on their process, machines and delivery output hence they are on-boarded on


What is value for Printing on

Well, there are lots, but for starters:

  1. Best Price in the market – You don’t have to look and speak to 5 vendors, bargain and arrive at best pricing, we already got it!
  2. Transparent Platform – We keep you informed at every stage, when its printed , when its shipped,, credibility of printers
  3. Design Help- We can help you with the designs whether you need to create from scratch or modify an existing one.


I am not sure if the Leaflets design I have is High resolution or will print well?

At , we take care of your designing support needs. Once you upload the designs our expert team of designers will review the file and will advise you. We try to ensure that you get the right print -first time, every time!

What file formats do you accept?

PDF, TIFF, PSD, PNG, JPEG, JPG, DOC, PPT, are the file formats which are accepted as design files.

How do you ensure the prints are Quality Prints? has a dedicated team who ensure Quality checks are done and they work closely with every Printer during when the printing job is performed.

How can I order from Head office and deliver the Prints to some other office?

That’s the best part of Our Platform and Channel ensures you can order from your head offices (at any location), and get it delivered practically anywhere, still maintaining the quality or prints. So no more uncertainty around quality of print or delivery.

How do I make the Payment?

Urprinters accepts all form of payment – Netbanking, Wallets, Debit card, Credit Card, NEFT/RTGS. We are here to make your life simple, where Printing is concerned.

Is it Digital Print or Offset Print?

We offer all processes to you and you choose as per your requirement- Quantity, Quality, Cost. Whatever technology its printed with, we ensure it gets printed from the best technology.

What is the minimum order quantity?

Well it depends by category to category. We cater to all your needs.

Brochure Printing


When a company starts up or launches new products/services, its aim is to reach more to more customers every day. Here comes the business brochure, it’s a printed item that looks more attractive and creates awareness about your business. Brochure printing is an important part of business promotion. It plays an important role in connecting with customers by bringing business to life.

Custom brochure printing

 Customization is the future of printing and everyone is looking for it now. It gives you the exact image of how you can make your brochure better and what you will receive on delivery, that’s the reason why customization is fascinating to customers. Custom brochure printing at is interesting, you will enjoy with the changes it applies directly on the design at the same time. With customization tool you can create/design your brochure by choosing colors, templates, sizes, logo etc.

Online brochure printing cost

Online printing has created a big wave in the printing industry, made online brochure printing so easy that anyone from any part of the world can order brochure printing services online. It’s easy just choose your requirements, upload design & order. Its transparent system where you can compare the market prices right from your office. is known for providing the finest quality of business brochure printing services at best brochure printing cost in the market. 


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