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    Personal Protective Equipment Kits

    PPE kits have become increasingly important during the time of the coronavirus outbreak. This is because it is perceived to be the safest product that provides maximum protection against possible contaminants or carriers.

    Essentially, PPE Kits are best suited for all healthcare and frontline workers. Additionally, these can be great for personal use as well, especially if you are travelling or are working in media, transport, administration, and other such sectors that require you to be on the field.

    Most organizations usually prefer to purchase PPE Kits from wholesale suppliers in order to acquire quality products while being cost-efficient. is one such reliable wholesaler which supplies certified PPE kits in bulk.

    Need for PPE Kits

    The PPE Kits available on are SS laminated coveralls that come with 99% bacteria-free efficiency. This is an important measure of safety, especially if an individual works in a high-risk area with regards to the chances of contracting the virus.

    Moreover, these PPE Kits are extremely comfortable for all-day wear with the perfect balance of strength and softness. Thus, if you are a frontline or healthcare worker, these PPE kits are the right fits for you.

    Additionally, most PPE kits are splash resistant, thus protecting you from any contact with contaminated body fluids. Furthermore, these kits filter all particles at 0.3 microns, thus preventing practically any carriers or potential contaminant microbes to come in contact.

    Constituents of PPE Kits

    The PPE kits that you will buy online in India from come with the following specifications.


    • 3 Ply Face Mask that helps to reduce the spread of viruses and germs. Safety gown that is to be worn by healthcare professionals while performing surgeries


    • Sterilized latex gloves made from natural rubber


    • Shoe covers to protect you better from any risks of infection


    • Face Shield that is to be worn by health professionals during healthcare procedures


    • Waste collection bags that help in better waste management practices

    Buy PPE Kit Online in India

    Given the fact that PPE kits fall under the safety and hygiene category, it is imperative that any customer gives pays heed to the quality of the product that they are purchasing. The PPE Kits supplied at wholesale prices by are certified by SITRA for quality assurance.

    Furthermore, these kits are available in two variants - with and without seam sealing tapes. Customers can purchase the PPE kits at wholesale as per their requirements. These PPE Kits are available for an affordable price and are all manufactured in India.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the purpose of wearing a PPE kit?

    PPE kits are mostly needed to be worn by healthcare workers. They spend most of their time around patients during this COVID environment and during other illnesses. The spread of viruses or other infections is very high near patients. So it is very important for them to wear a PPE kit to stop the spread of the virus. These kits are also an expression of cleanliness.

    What is the cost of a PPE kit?

    PPE kits come at very reasonable prices. You can buy these kits online from our website. At UrPrinters, you can find the PPE kits at the best and most affordable prices. For more details about the product or price, please visit our website.

    How long does it take to deliver a PPE kit pack?

    UrPrinters ensure that our customers receive the deliveries of their ordered products within the promised time frame. We provide the best of services to our clients along with speedy deliveries.

    What are PPE kits made of?

    The PPE kits are made of breathable polypropylene. It is a non-woven material that is easily wearable and disposable. These kits can also be made from materials like synthetic, polyester, or polyethylene.

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