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    A rain suit, which is another name for a raincoat, is a waterproof outer layer that you put on to save yourself from getting wet. Waist-length raincoats are also referred to as rain jackets. A rain suit may be made with a rain jacket and rain trousers, or it can be a one-piece outfit similar to a boilersuit. There are various types of raincoats


    • Trenchcoat: These raincoats are made of fine gabardine cotton. They have a dual row of buttons in the front along with a cloth belt and collar.


    • Poncho: These types of raincoats are designed for heavy rains. These are wide and open which makes it very easy to slip on over the head


    • Rain jackets: These are more like short jackets. They come with hoods and have zippers in front. But there are multiple closure designs available like buttons, toggles etc.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What type of plastic are raincoats made of?

    Thermosetting plastic is used for making raincoats. Plastic raincoats are less expensive, waterproof, lightweight, cleanable, and most importantly an insulator. The quality is such that they will last for years if stored properly.

    What is the finest raincoat material?

    Gore-Tex Waterproof outerwear garments have come to be associated with this material Microfiber With a unique waterproof coating, polyester microfiber material is ideal for raincoats.Laminate made of polyurethane Polyester and cotton blends may also be used to make it more durable.

    Can raincoats be washed in a washing machine?

    Some raincoats are washable in washing machines. But they require a special detergent which is made for raincoats. Some raincoats can be washed even with your hands. But always check for washing instructions given with the raincoats before washing them.

    What are raincoats made of?

    Raincoats are made of a blend of two or more fabrics. Cotton, polyester, nylon, rayon are blended to make the fabric of raincoats. Some raincoats are also made from plastic. You can make your purchase depending on your needs, preferences and budget.

    Are raincoat jackets warm?

    No. Raincoats are not usually warm as they are designed to keep the user dry in rain. The material used to make a plastic raincoat is very thin. So they cannot be used to prevent cold weather conditions.

    Can a raincoat be customized?

    Yes. To customize a raincoat visit our website There you can select the raincoat you wish to customize and then upload the design. Make sure that the design you are uploading is big enough. The font should be clear and the colors must be in contrast. In case you do not have any design then our designers can help you choose a suitable design for your raincoat.

    What personalization options are available on raincoats for corporates?

    Corporates can personalize their company logo or brand on raincoats. Personalized raincoats with logos are very useful in brand promotions. The corporates can personalize their logo on raincoats and gift them to their clients or customers.

    Are bulk orders of raincoats available?

    Yes. We provide raincoats online in bulk orders of 50 or 100 raincoats per pack. If any customers wish to order a large quantity then they can place a request for their desired order. After receipt of the order request, our service agent will contact the customer to confirm the order and then it will be printed and dispatched.

    How to select the right raincoat?

    Check for the climate in which you are going to wear the raincoat. Some raincoats are both water and wind-resistant. So they can be worn in rainy as well as windy weather. However, some raincoats are only water resistant. These raincoats would not be helpful in windy weather.

    Which raincoat material is superior to nylon or polyester

    Both nylon and polyester resist water, however, polyester resists it better than nylon. Additionally, polyester's water-resistant characteristics grow as the thread count climbs. However, neither material is totally waterproof until it's coated with specific compounds

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