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    Shoe Cover

    Shoe covers are generally disposable in nature and are used at hospitals, pharmaceutical firms, or day cares, where there are chances of carrying infections with your shoes.During pandemic this had become a mandate at many offices and workplaces also. In normal days disposable shoe covers are used at hospitals by doctors and visitors when they are visiting the critical patients. This reduces the chances of carrying infections by your shoes.

    Cross-contamination is an issue in various sectors. Industries like healthcare take cross-contamination very seriously. Thus, these shoe covers should be changed after every few hours.

    Non Slip shoe covers

    Non-slip shoe coverings may assist keep workers safe and respect workplace standards in hospitals, daycares, and construction sites. The adoption of slip-resistant technology protects the wearer's safety and efficiency. However, certain projects might benefit from lightweight shoe coverings without enhanced slide protection. Before choosing whether to acquire a normal shoe cover or a product with non-slip protection for your next job, consider what unique requirements your project will need.

    Fluid resistant covers

    Every healthcare worker has a tale about a fluid-related mishap (bodily or otherwise). Fluid-resistant shoe coverings protect footwear and decrease contamination for healthcare professionals. While hospitals benefit the most from liquid-resistant shoe coverings, other businesses may use them. Many different fluids and moist materials are encountered by employees in industrial gardening and childcare.

    Changing Shoe Covers Frequently

    Cross-contamination is an issue in various sectors. Construction employees probably don't mind if sawdust from one working site ends up in another, but other sectors don't. Industries like healthcare and gardening take cross-contamination carefully. Thus the covers should be changed frequently.


    UrPrinters has a broad range of goods to suit your next project or workplace. Shoe Cover UrPrinters has non-slip shoe coverings, automated dispensers, and water-resistant protection.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the purpose of using a shoe cover?

    Shoe covers are used to protect the wearer from being exposed to airborne diseases. They create a barrier against the contaminated environment and your shoes. They protect patients from diseases that can be carried through shoes.

    What are shoe covers made of?

    Shoe covers are made of polyethylene. It is a non-woven chlorinated polyethylene material. This material is fluid resistant and slip resistant. This makes the shoe covers very safe to wear. These covers are very efficient in nature.

    Can shoe covers be recycled?

    No, it is not advised to reuse or recycle shoe covers as they have various germs on them. However, they can be recycled to make different creative items like decorative ornamental pieces. So instead of throwing the covers in the bin you can create something new with them. But all this creativity should be done after the germs and viruses on the covers are treated and sanitized.

    What is the price of the shoe covers?

    Shoe covers come in very reasonable prices. At UrPrinters, you can find the covers at best and affordable prices. For more details about the product or price, please visit our website.

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