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    Custom Printed Paper Bags

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    Paper-based packaging is increasingly popular due to the fact that it is recycled more than any other packaging products. Thus, many businesses that are environmentally conscious prefer opting for paper-based packaging alternatives such as paper bags.

    Some of the common businesses that resort to paper bags as their primary method of packaging include supermarkets, departmental stores, medical stores, apparel stores along with restaurants, drive-ways, cafes, take-away diners, and bakeries. Hence, there is an increasing demand for paper bags in these businesses.

    UrPrinters specializes in providing high-quality paper bags that can be used for diverse purposes by a multitude of businesses that share the vision of being eco-friendly.

    Benefits of Switching Paper Bags


    • Paper is the world's most collectible and recyclable material: As per the Eurostat of 2016, the recyclability and collectability rate for paper is among the highest in the world. If your business functions on an eco-friendly model that aims at reducing waste production, then switching to paper bags as your primary packaging product significantly reduces the overall carbon footprint.


    • Paper bags can be reused by the customers: Keeping in line with the idea of being environmentally conscious, you can deliver your products in paper bags, thus spreading awareness among your target customers as well. Moreover, the paper bags available at are extremely durable and can be reused later. Hence, your business can promote the principle of waste reduction by motivating customers to reuse paper bags for their personal needs.

    Paper Bag Types

    There are several paper bag types based on the requirements. Loop Handles and D cut Paper bags are the most common varieties. Also there are paper bags without any handles, these are primarily Pinched bottoms and Square Bottoms.

    Benefits of buying from UrPrinters


    • Best Rates: UrPrinters dedicated team ensures that we have the best rates in the given region without compromising on the quality


    • Quality Guaranteed: All the products sold via goes through a thorough quality check. At each step we assure our customers peace of mind.


    • Anywhere in India: We have a national scale reach ensuring that if your corporate office gives the order, we can maintain the same brand quality of the boxes and printing across various regions in India.

    Purchasing Paper-Based Packaging Products Online

    UrPrinters provides a diverse range of paper-based packaging products in wholesale. You can choose paper bags from a variety of size and shape options based upon your business needs. Moreover, you can get the paper bags custom printed as per your brand identity.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there a wide range of sizes available for paper bags?

    For custom paper bags, there are two options: small, 19 x 8 x 21 cm (width, depth, and height), and medium, 24 x 11 x 31 cm (width, depth, and height) (width x depth x height). In most of the cases these sizes fit the needs of most of our clients.

    How much space is available for personalization and decoration?

    An area of 22cm x 11.5cm may be printed on request. This much space is more than enough to make your brand stand out and be visible. Our bags are sure to fetch you a larger clientele

    How many printed paper bags can I purchase?

    You may order as little as ten and as much as 1000. All our products are available in bulk and are customized as per the specifications provided by the clients. The prices are wholesale that makes the range all the more lucrative.

    Can you tell me whether there is any additional support at the bottom of these paper carry bags?

    Inside the paper bag, there is a card sheet tucked away in the bottom for further stability. This sheet makes the bag very durable and increases the weight bearing capacity manifold. Our bags are a great choice if your brand intends to go plastic free.

    How much weight can these paper bags support?

    The paper bags we use are quite long-lasting and strong. The maximum weight that one bag can support is 5 kilograms. This much weight bearing capacity is good enough to serve most of the purposes.

    What kind of paper is used in the construction of these bags?

    Our manufacturers make sure that they give us the products that match the industry standards. The paper used to create our printed paper bags is 160 gsm matte white. This thickness makes the bags strong as well as look decent.

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