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    Standee Printing

    Standee Banner Printing

    Standee banner is a better version of a simple banner; it's a kind of exhibition display supported on a display stand used for promoting any business. Mostly, you have seen these at events and movie halls. It looks clean and gives you the proper information related to any business with special offers and services. It's a light weight promotional tool easily to roll and carry.

    Standee Banner Printing

    If you are looking for standee banner/roll-up banner printing services then you are landed on the right place. has variety of standee banner printing materials that are designed by professionals and gives a premium look. You can get roller banner for your business by choose standard, premium, white backside, black back side according to your choice.

    Roll up banner design

    Whether it's a conference, exhibition or any event, a pop up banner/roll up banner gets the overall attention, it's easily readable to the public and its covers all the services or best offers the company is providing. Standee is a high-utility printed item that every business use for its promotion. We here at serve unique roll up banners designs with high-quality banner printing services at the best price in the market, Usually standee printing cost vary from size, design and paper used.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to select a Good Standees?

    With standees, you're ready for anything. It is easy to pack and send. Moreover, setup is fast and easy. So, become recognized at your next show. Step up your storefront. Impress clients with presentation prep. Begin by uploading a standee design or choosing one of our customizable templates.

    Why choose it?

    • Different gsm standy flex design material
    • Lightweight and manageable
    • Affordability for events and exhibits

    How to make an Effective Standee?

    • Use huge letters and graphics to make your standee visible.
    • Reduce backdrop and text colors to improve readability.
    • Choose one key message that is easily understood.
    • Keep in mind the safety margins while designing - scroll down to view the dimensions.

    How to Build a Standee?

    After removing the standee from the case, turn the two support feet perpendicular to the stand. Grab the top of the support pole to extend it. Then tighten the central portion. Hold the center portion and turn the bottom section to the right. Insert the fully extended pole into the circular hole in the flag stand. Raise the standee while standing on one of the support feet.

    Is there a carrying case included with the standee?

    It does come with a carrying case, which is convenient.

    What is the thickness of the standy flex design material?

    It has a thickness of 0.35 millimeters.

    What is the best way to get the standee to stand up?

    Make sure that while you're putting up your stand, you turn the bottom feet so that they're perpendicular to the stand. Because it is retractable, you will need to draw it up and give stand support when it is in this position.

    Is it possible to use my standee outside?

    In a word, yes. Aside from being wind and water-resistant, the standee can survive standard weather conditions.

    What is the bleed size, trim size, and how much of the standee banner design will be obscured by the stand after it is up?

    The technical specifications are as follows:

    Three centimeters of the standee are concealed at the bottom, and one centimeter of the standee is hidden at the top.

    There will be no standee design element hiding at the very top of the standee. 77 cm x 185 cm (inches) is the finished size. Size of the whole bleed: 77.61 cm x 185.61 cm.

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