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    All businesses, especially those involved in client servicing possess a requirement for premium quality tissue boxes. This demand for such tissue boxes has increased by several folds during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. They can be customized as per the branding requirements of the organization. Mostly, they can be placed anywhere across the workplace, including employee cabins, conference halls, and even canteen spaces. Additionally, they can be used as great branding tools in corporate seminars and events.

    Consequently, they are constantly on the lookout for reliable online wholesalers such as wherein they can order good quality customized tissue boxes in bulk.

    How to Choose the Best Personalised Tissue Boxes

    Before placing a bulk order for tissue boxes, it is important for businesses to weigh on some important criteria before making the final call.


    • Quality:The most important consideration before purchasing tissue boxes in bulk is to ensure an overall quality check to provide the best cardboard. Most online wholesalers provide all relevant details regarding the various quality checks and standards that have been conducted and met.


    • Affordability:Most businesses look for low-cost options while ordering for tissue boxes in India at a wholesale rate. Recognizing this requirement, most customer-friendly wholesalers pay keen attention to the price range of their products.


    • Material:The material of the surface plays a key role in determining the quality and outcome of the customized prints. Thus, most online sellers provide cardboard as the preferred material for these tissue boxes. Businesses can opt for a matte or glossy finish depending upon their requirements. It is also important to realise the quality of tissue papers as its will come in contact with skin on face or on hands.

    Benefits of buying from UrPrinters


    • Best Rates:UrPrinters dedicated team ensures that they have the best rates in the given region without compromising on the quality


    • Quality Guaranteed:All the products sold via goes through a thorough quality check. At each step, the experts assure the customer's peace of mind.


    • Anywhere in India:UrPrinters a national scale reach ensuring that if the corporate office gives the order, the same quality of the tissue box is ensured across the nation.

    Purchasing Tissue Boxes Online in India

    UrPrinters is recognized as one of the most reliable marketplaces of Tissue Boxes in India. They maintain a reputation of providing a diverse variety of tissue boxes at an affordable price.

    All products sold by UrPrinters are 100% original and come with an easy return policy. Additionally, UrPrinters guarantees swift delivery of the orders.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What kind of material is being utilized in the tissue box packing?

    Packaging is entirely cardboard and paper based. The packing is sturdy and the box does not lose shape until over. We make sure the use of plastic is minimum and thus making the product more environment friendly.

    What kind of tissue boxes are we providing?

    We try to cater to all kinds of demands of our clients. So basically we are rare providers of wooden tissue boxes, leather tissue boxes, designer tissue boxes, etc. Our products are known for their premium quality and soft texture.

    What is the best way to recycle the tissue box packaging?

    We know that it's high time that we start thinking about our planet Earth. Recycling should be our first thought while purchasing. Recycling our boxes is simple: either reuse it yourself or transport it to a cardboard or paper recycling bin.

    How long will it take for my purchase to be delivered?

    It's our duty to deliver the orders well in time. Our team makes sure that the orders are dispatched within 2 business days from deal finalization. All our clients receive their products within the promised time frame.

    What is the best way to monitor my order?

    An email confirmation will be sent to you after your purchase has been dispatched. It will also have a tracking number for the shipment's arrival at your doorstep.

    Is it possible for you to alter your design to meet our tissue box sizes and then ship it to us?

    Yes, sure. We try to meet all your needs. In our tissue boxes these specifications can be altered. It is included as part of our additional service with a little bit of extra cost. You can get in touch with our team to understand it better.

    Can you include my personal information as well as my company's logo on the tissue box? I need the tissue box with my own specifications.

    Yes, without a doubt. All that you desire can be printed on your tissue box. You can provide the logo and the images to our team and your work will be done. However, the charges for the same will be separate.

    How is the quality of your designs after printing? Do they match the images on the website?

    Yes, Our designer tissue box is ultra premium quality, which ensures that you will get high-quality printing results. The product will be such that you will be impressed with it and will choose UrPrinters over any other. We do not make use of substandard resources.

    What methods of payment are accepted?

    In most cases, we accept and prefer safe online payments made with a credit card, debit card, and Net Banking. In rare cases we can also accept cash.

    I want to replace the design I've already bought with a different one. What am I supposed to do?

    The design is sent to the client and after sign off it goes for printing. However in such a case, we're sorry to inform you that you will not be able to change your order after it has been confirmed.

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