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    Printed Umbrella

    A good umbrella may come in handy no matter the weather. Over 4000 years, they have been our only companions. Umbrellas have been the most popular monsoon accessory for many years because of their efficacy and appeal. Umbrella comes in several colors, sizes, prints and patterns. UrPrinters offers branded umbrellas. They are traditional promotional items that will perform wonders for your brand. Umbrellas are popular because they are useful, making them one of the most loved promotional presents.

    Promotional Umbrella Design

    Umbrella design may be completely customized to your specifications by employing a variety of printing processes

    Printed tie wraps and sleeves with handles are among the design possibilities offered, as are perimeter or rib tapes, as well as a printed tie wrap.

    Types Of Promotional Umbrellas

    Classic Umbrella

    The classic umbrella has a canopy arc of 38 to 46 inches, allowing adequate area for your brand on the panels. Deluxe offers numerous variants with both straight and curved handles to pick from.

    Golf Umbrella

    Promotional golf umbrellas are becoming more popular. With a canopy ranging from 48''' to 68''', these umbrellas can shield two persons from the weather while showcasing your brand. These beach umbrellas shield your consumers from the sun while displaying your brand to the globe.


    Even a folding umbrella isn't always enough. Maybe your consumers need something to fit in their handbag or pocket. Our handmade mini-umbrellas can help. While your logo is not on the umbrella, it is on the handle or carrying sleeve.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I choose a printed umbrella?

    Choose the printed umbrella that best suits you and your personality. Consider a lightweight, robust umbrella for regular usage. The larger the shade the better is the umbrella.

    What type of printing processes are used for umbrella printing?

    For customized promotional umbrellas, there are several processes for printing on the umbrella. We employ screen printing, sublimation, and digital printing to make your customized promotional umbrellas. We customize promotional umbrellas to meet the specific requirements of each customer.

    How do I measure umbrellas?


    • The area that an umbrella can cover is determined by the size of the canopy it is made of. It may be measured by reference to the breadth or diameter of the arc if necessary.


    • Open the umbrella and measure from one tip to the tip on the opposite side of the umbrella to get its diameter.


    • To determine the frame size, shut the umbrella and measure from the top of the umbrella to the end of the handle.

    What is a promotional umbrella, and how does it work?

    Unlike other promotional goods, promotional umbrellas have a lot of advertising areas on them. In order to accommodate all advertising budgets, promotional umbrellas are offered in a number of canopy colors, handle types, and pricing ranges.

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