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    Vehicle Branding

    Vehicle or car branding is a word that refers to anything that is shown on your vehicle that advertises your company, ranging from a sticker on the side to a full-length vehicle wrap.

    A cost-effective type of promotion, car branding may assist you in establishing your brand's presence in the market.

    Benefits Of Vehicle Branding

    Brand Recall

    With unique marketing chances, you may build your brand identification. Vehicle wraps have been shown to increase brand awareness by up to 15 times. A simple white van is invisible to passing vehicles and pedestrians, but a brightly colored, well-created logo is.

    Establish A Local Presence

    Local businesses benefit from vehicle branding. People who live and work in your service area are more likely to see your product/service advertised.

    One time investment

    Vehicle graphics will last 5 years or more. Unlike other kinds of advertising, where expenses are fixed, you may modify your car wrap as often as you wish. Your initial investment will be a fraction of other long-term advertising media expenditures and will provide rewards for years.

    A Broader Base

    Vehicle graphics promote your brand everywhere you go - even on your route to and from work. You will reach every age, gender, and ethnic group.

    Sensible Marketing

    Car livery gives individuals a distinctive visual without eliciting unfavorable feelings/reactions towards the advertisement.


    Modern car wrapping materials and technologies allow for easy graphic or artwork replacement.

    Protects Your Car

    Not to be neglected! Apart from the obvious advertising and marketing advantages, vinyl wrapping protects your car from stone chips, minor abrasions, and ordinary wear and tear. The car will seem 'almost new' after the wrapper is removed!

    Vehicle Branding Design Considerations


    • Create A Template: It is critical to have a precise vehicle template. Your template should be layered. Bumpers and windows should be covered by one layer. Then build layers for each prospective - passenger, driver, front, rear, and top.


    • Design Ideas: Decide on your car branding. The obvious beginning point is your company's logo. Decide on the ad copy. If you're going to utilize photos or pixel art, make sure they're of good quality.


    • Consider The Plan: Keep in mind that your branded car will be noticed in motion. Use brighter colors and ONE major focal point to make the design memorable. Large text may be difficult to read.


    • Know the laws: It's important to know which government laws apply to the vehicle you're designing for. No vehicle's front windshield, driver, or front passenger windows may be covered.


    • Consider The Vehicle's Shape: Consult your installer before designing “flat” artwork for a three-dimensional item. Almost all vehicles have various body lines, most of which are not parallel to the road. Text or design components often follow body lines rather than what is truly level.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I design just a portion of my car?

    Yes, we can wrap your car in part or in whole. Using smaller graphics might help stretch a budget. Your logo and contact information on the side of your car may also be incredibly beneficial.

    Will a vinyl design damage my paintwork?

    Correctly placed car wrapping should not harm paintwork and may even function as a protective layer. You can rest assured that the car of the vehicle will not be spoiled with these wraps. UrPrinters are the pioneers in this and can be banked for the same.

    Can vinyl designs be removed?

    Vinyl wraps can be removed, however, we suggest a professional do it. Incorrect removal may cause paint damage. One must not try and do it at home as it needs special techniques to carry out the job.

    Can I design windows?

    Of course yes. But we will have to take into consideration what the law of the land says. The law prohibits images on the driver, front passenger, and front windshield. Whatever the law permits can be carried out by us.

    Do I need to design my car?

    Not at all, yet you should examine your brand's colors before committing to a design or buying a new car. Too many color contrasts will dilute the effect of your images. You must be in close contact with the designers while the work is on.

    What is a vehicle branding mockup?

    Mock-ups include labels, business cards, stationery, and signage. A first impression for the client and their customers, as well as the brand idea.

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